May 2011

Canada’s New Anti-Rape Campaign Puts Responsibility Where it Belongs

Have you seen Canada’s new cutting edge campaign against rape? “Don’t Be That Guy” is a campaign being launched in Ottowa. Pictures can be seen here; be warned that they are somewhat graphic, depicting a woman passed out next to several bottles of what appears to be liquor.

On the one hand, the images are a little disturbing and may not be suitable for kids to see; but on the other, it’s an absolutely groundbreaking move to shift the blame of rape off the shoulders of the victims—where it consistently has been forever, especially in the United States—and puts it where it belongs: on those of the actual rapists.

Native Plants to New Mexico

Like all southern states, New Mexico is home to plenty of vibrant and hardy wild native plants. Rather than being filled with nothing but cactus, as many people might believe, the state has plenty of pretty flowers worthy of an ornamental garden. Grasses and herbs are also common to the area.

Bright yellow butterflyweed is a favorite plant among many New Mexicans, as are the small flowers of the silverweed cinquefoil. The Colorado blue columbine can be found in the area, and can add a bit of soft color to any landscape. Lovely little white flowers, such as those featured on the Juneberry and the Western yarrow, are also popular native flowers in New Mexico.

The Gorgeous Hummingbird Bush

Any Texan who is looking for ways to attract more hummingbirds—as well as butterflies, bees, and other garden guests—should definitely look into purchasing a hummingbird bush. These flame-colored trumpeted blooms are fiery in color and are quite possibly the most gorgeous flowers in the area.

Also known as the Mexican Flame, or Wright’s desert honeysuckle, the beautiful flowers also feature lance-like green leaves and hardy, pale bark.

Most of these plants do not feature stems, and the plant’s stamens are typically in pairs, though they are uneven in length. The plants are sturdy, though only their roots are able to withstand cool temperatures.

Invasive Species in Baltimore

Several different species of aquatic plants are considered to be invasive species of concern in Baltimore, as well as the rest of the Maryland area. Though many of them are popular, residents are encouraged to remove them as well as cease purchasing or using them, as they present a danger to naturally native plants in the area, as well as to the various animals who depend upon them.

Here are a few of the species that people are encouraged to avoid if possible. Contact your local conservation department to get help in removing them.

  • Water Hyacinth
  • Giant Salvinia
  • Hydrilla
  • Brazilian Elodea

Native Trees of Massachusetts

Massachusetts has one of the richest histories of any state in the country. It is also home to a variety of different trees, many of which are deciduous and popular with Bostonian home owners. Most movies in the area also usually feature these trees in their full fall colors. Here are just a few of the most popular native trees to the Boston area.
  • Red Maple
  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Sycamore
  • White Pine
  • American Beech

A drive through Massachusetts in the fall is sure to feature a blazing display of color between all of the different trees changing colors.

Invasive Plants in Charlotte

More and more people have been worrying about eradicating the various invasive species found within individual states, and with good reason: invasive species are known to result in the death and, in severe cases, elimination of native species.

If you’re in the Charlotte area, you might want to be on the alert regarding the following known invasive species. If you have them in your area, you might want to contact your local conservation department about getting rid of them and replacing them with native plants.

  • Mimosa
  • Chinese privet
  • Japanese honeysuckle
  • Asian spiderwort
  • Alligatorweed
  • Garlic Mustard

Nodding Onions of Chicago

Though the plants may sound as if they are assenting flowers out of Underland, these flowers are light purple with small black seeds inside them. They are considered to be nodding plants due to the fact that their flowers are so heavy, causing the stems themselves to bob up and down, as if they are nodding.

Nodding onions are not vastly widespread in Illinois, though they are native and can be found throughout the state. The plant’s leaves are solid, flat, and arranged in a downward pattern.

Each flower on the nodding onion has only three petals, along with a matching three sepals.

Cleveland Prairie Rose

One of the most delicate-looking flowers in the Cleveland area is the lovely prairie rose. Rounded with soft curves that frame a yellow center, the flower is perfect for people who want to add a romantic element to their gardens.

Also known as the Rosa Arkansana or the Wild Prairie Rose, it can be found in a wide variety of areas across America, including the Appalachian Mountains, Rocky Mountains, New Mexico, and plenty of areas in between.

The creeping flowers grow rapidly, and are considered the state flowers of both North Dakota and Iowa. The ornamental plant can be found, however, in just about any state.

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Flowerama in Columbus

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Fresh Dallas Flowers

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Bluebonnets of Texas

The state flower of Texas is the lovely Bluebonnet, which features a coned arrangement of tubular blue flowers in just about every shade of blue imaginable. They are known for their dark green leaves and thick, hardy stems. They can be found growing throughout the wild, as well as purposefully planted in area gardens.

The plant gets its name due to the bonnet-like shapes of each flower along the plant. Another name for the species of flower is the buffalo clover. It is known to bloom throughout the spring months as well as during the summer, and is a favorite flower among many Texans.

Grow a Balloon Flower

Balloon flowers are among the most unique flowers found in a garden. Their pink to purple blooms actually swells up like a balloon, giving them their favorite slang name. They are also known as Chinese bellflowers, and when they are open, they extend like sweet little stars—but when closed, they could very well be tiny balloons among the rest of your plants!

The plants have also been compared to Chinese lanterns in their appearance, and they are considered low maintenance plants that come back every year. We haven’t had to do a thing with our own balloon flowers in over six years since they were planted, so they are ideal for gardeners with little time on their hands to maintain them.

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Terrific Tiger Lilies

My absolute favorite flower is the tiger lily, which is native to North America. Its vibrant orange hues, spotty patterns, and elegant droop unfortunately does not last nearly as long as I’d like it to—fading into grasses by the end of the summer—but while it’s here, it’s one of the most gorgeous sights of the season.

As lovely as the flower is alive, it’s also useful dead; Native Americans used the flower as a food source, and dried tiger lilies are sold worldwide as a sweet and sour treat. They grow well in full sunlight, making them perfect for gardens without shady areas to protect other vulnerable plants.

The Merry Marigold

The marigold is my favorite aunt’s flower, and there are plenty of reasons why. It’s a bright, cheerful flower that emits a strong green scent when you rub it, and it comes back every year—even after blooming all summer long.

Marigolds are considered annuals, but they do re-seed themselves; they are pretty low-maintenance, particularly in the Midwest and well watered areas. Native to North and South America, the plant is considered invasive across the rest of the world, where they are also considered popular. Their round layers of vibrant yellow, orange, red, and other shades make them perfect for borders, raised gardens, and gifts.

The Texas Star Hibiscus

If you thought the hibiscus flower was only reminiscent of Hawaii, you thought wrong: there is a version of the hibiscus flower that is native to none other than the Fort Worth area. Known as the Texas Star Hibiscus, it is a late blooming flower and it doesn’t stay open for long—but when it does, it’s nearly as pretty as the traditional hibiscus flowers that we all know so well.

To grow a Texas Star Hibiscus, a partially shaded area is generally considered the best growing environment. The flower requires well drained soil and three feet between each planting.

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Lei It Up This Summer

Real or fake, a lei is the ultimate sign of the summertime. Even if you live in Hawaii and you know it’s a tourist trap, why not indulge in a bit of lei-ing around this summer? Take a break on the beach, drink something tropical, and enjoy those flowers (whether they’re scented or silk!).

If you don’t live in Honolulu and you’d still love a taste of the Islands at home, leis can be bought cheaply just about anywhere this time of year, especially in little dollar stores. Why not throw a luau this summer and put on a show for your friends? Grab some pretty hibiscus plants for another tropical touch.