August 2010

10 Ways to Celebrate National Mushroom Month

If you didn’t already know, mushrooms are a pretty decent food—aside from how they taste, I mean, which can be awesome in its own right. Pennsylvania makes the most mushrooms in the United States, and should be proud of it, considering that they are chock full of selenium, potassium, vitamin D, niacin, and many other nutrients. They’re fat and cholesterol free and low in calories, making them a great snack for dieters. They also make a great substitute for meat. With all of these reasons, how could you go wrong with mushrooms? Try adding them to your life throughout September, National Mushroom Month, by…

Welcome, Fall!

We are SO glad to have you! So what if you’re not officially here yet. So what if temperatures are a little too high for my liking. We are more than ready to have you. We’ve even made your bed up—well, we’ve started to, anyway, since most of the leaves are still green. Don’t worry, though; we have plenty of other ways to welcome you home, such as…

Hanging up our scented brooms. Mmm… they make our home smell like cinnamon and cloves and look so rustic and beautiful on the doors.

Swapping out the candles. Gone are the citrusy scents reserved for summer. Warm vanilla, apple cinnamon, and the aroma of baked goods will soon waft through the house, tantalizing our senses and making us wonder how we’ve functioned the rest of the year without these comforts.

Be Bold, Be Bald!

Have you ever wanted to shave your head in solidarity with your loved ones who have suffered from cancer in their lives? I shaved my head at the end of my junior year—not completely bald, but I did have less than an inch all around which made it soft and fuzzy—and found it to be quite a liberating experience. Plus, when I rubbed my head up against the wall, it made a nice crunchy sound—like walking through snow. So if you’ve never done it and want to shave your head “all the way,” I say go for it. But if not, you can still express solidarity in other ways.

Join the St. Louis CURED Walk-a-Thon

The odds are that you’ve never heard of Eosinophilic Esophagitis. I know I sure never heard of it until a close friend of mine had a beautiful baby boy born with the illness. The chronic condition, which has no cure, is a rare illness that causes kids to be unable to eat to all kinds of foods—not just a single nut or milk allergy, but one to all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Napa Valley Beauty

Staying or living in Sacramento? Just a short trip from this capitol city you can experience the flowers and beauty of the Napa Valley.

As the time progresses you can see the grape flowers turn into delicious fruit... which is then turned into even more delicious wine! What more could a guy ask for? the trip is only about 1.5 or so hours and will be well worth it.

Take a short drive from Sacramento to the Napa Valley with the directins below - you will be glad you did!

- Take I-5 South and connect with the I-80 West bypass, and follow the signs to San Francisco.

- Then take Highway 12 towards Napa and turn right on Hwy. 29 north.

- Follow the exits on Highway 29 to enter Napa. To go to Yountville, Oakville, Rutherford, St. Helena, or Calistoga stay on Highway 29.