June 2010

Support the ALERT Act for Cancer Patients

Cancer is an issue that remains prevalent on most of our minds these days. Whether it’s a friend, relative, or even more personal, most people have been affected by cancer. Many have lost loved ones to the dreadful illness, and statistics on the number of women who will be affected by breast cancer alone sometimes in their lives are monumental. 2,000 Americans die every single day from cancer, making it one of the deadliest things we face together as a nation.

Right now, Senate Bill 717, also known as the ALERT Act, is up for consideration. This act would help raise our current standards used to treat cancer patients, something desperately needed in these modern times. Technological advances, the latest science and innovation, and the most up-to-date medicines are crucial when it comes to saving lives.

Wherefore Art Thou, Julia?

A rose by any other name would, of course, be just as popular. If celebrities were flowers, Julia Roberts would definitely be the rose. Pretty, popular, and wanted for every movie—even the tiniest parts—Julia is the rose of Hollywood. Here are ten more celebs and their flowery personalities.

Megan Fox: The Dahlia

The deep, dark shades of red and violet that the Arabian Night dahlia feature epitomize Megan Fox, whose attitude, temper, and film history seem both dark yet attractive. Fox has even portrayed a demon, who would have looked quite appropriate buried with the almost-black dahlia.

Meg Ryan: The Daisy

Meg Ryan has been synonymous with the daisy—“the friendliest flower”—ever since she coined the cute catchphrase in You’ve Got Mail.

10 Reasons to Give Flowers in July

Father’s Day is over, and the next parental, romance, or otherwise flowery-themed holiday isn’t for months. So why give someone flowers in July? The real question is, why not! Here are ten good reasons to give someone a flower or flowers in July.

10. Because it’s summer!

What could brighten up your best friend’s kitchen table better than a bouquet right now?

9. Because your friend’s house stinks.