How to Grow Four-Leaf Clovers

How to Grow Four-Leaf Clovers

Have you always wanted to find a four-leaf clover, but haven't been lucky enough to do so? You can grow your own four-leaf clovers in your home as a container plant or in your yard as a lawn covering or border. Here's how.

First, get a packet of four-leaf clover seeds. These seeds grow a specialized variety of clover that have been selectively bred to have four leafs.

Next, decide if you want to grow your clover indoors or outdoors. If growing the clover outdoors, make sure the soil is well-tilled and free of major clumps. Choose a rich soil mixture and take care that it drains properly and is aerated.

Plant your clover seeds in a thin layer just beneath the surface of the soil. Keep the soil moist while waiting for your clover seeds to germinate. Once they sprout, you can cut back on watering a little, but still make sure the clover is kept reasonably moist.

Clover needs lots of sunshine to thrive. If you're growing indoors, be sure to keep your clover in a bright location where it will receive plenty of natural light. If your clover is outdoors, plant it in a sunny area where it will get the benefit of direct sunlight. Some varieties of clovers, such as white clover, don't need quite as much sun and can grow in moderately sunny areas where there is a mix of sun and shade.

Enjoy your clovers as a container plant or as a soft lawn covering that doesn't require mowing. Wherever you grow it, clover is a low-maintenance plant that is both pretty and practical, and if you're growing the four-leafed variety, it might even be lucky, too!