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Mind the Roses

Just because the leaves are turning colors doesn’t mean you can start neglecting your Seattle garden just yet.

The weather has turned in Seattle. We had our first day of below seventy degree day with sprinkling rain in a couple months and all the little puppies

 had to break out their winter jackets for walks. But this doesn’t mean Seattleites can simply pack it in and ignore their garden until spring time. Quite the opposite in fact, now is one of the best times to take preemptive steps to ensure a wonderful bounty come next spring and summer.

Today we are focusing on rose bushes. There are many types of rose bushes which grow well in Seattle. Popular for the smell and iconic beauty, roses can be found in gardens across the Emerald City. Hybrid teas, grandifloras, florbundas, climbing roses, David Austin roses and old garden roses are typically successful rose varieties in the area.

After the first frost of fall time, you will need to prune your rose bushes. Pruning allows the old to be cut away so new fresh blossom, leaves and sprouts will have room to grow in the coming seasons. Start by removing all dried flowers and leaves. It is important to remove these dead pieces so bugs and fungal plants have nowhere to grow near your rose bushes. Next, using a pair of sharp garden pruners, trim the rose bush. Most people will trim away nearly two thirds of the bush. It can seem rather permanent and extensive, but it is better to prune the rose bushes yourself with nice clean cuts than to have branches damaged in winter storms. Have no fear, your rose bushes will grow back better than ever next season.