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Make your mom the perfect bouquet

Mother’s day is right around the corner and what a better time to get ready to give some great flowers to that special lady in your life. I think flowers make the absolute best mother’s day gift- I know when I get them from my boys, it lifts my spirits and reminds me of their love for days to come. When picking out a perfect bouquet for my mother, I’ve come across a certain mixture of flowers that I feel are the best to give to a mother on this heartfelt day.

A mother’s day bouquet should be bright and lively. It is to remind your mom how important they have been through your life and brightly colored flowers seem to do this the best. I also like to add a bunch of different flowers to the bouquet. I’ve encouraged a few friends to do this as well and it seems to be a hit among our moms- even more so than the typical bouquet.

If you looking to create a beautiful, bright, variety filled bouquet for your mom this year, I’ll let you on the best mixture out there. These flowers are not only beautiful when they are alone, they look even better when they are gathered together with each other, wrapped in some colorful paper and tied with a bow. Pink and purple lilies, white daisy’s, baby breath, a few pink roses and a couple of tulips. I like to use mostly pinks, let the baby’s breath bring in the white and then add the tulips for some yellow. The finished piece is so beautiful and definitely worth giving it a try.