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Lack of green thumb

For all of my fellow gardeners out there, I know you must have had a time in your life like the one I have been recently going through. A time when it seems as if your green thumb has expired and you can’t get a certain flower to begin to grow if your life depended on it. It’s strange really- I could always get any flower to grow and thrive. The first batch of seeds I ended up throwing out because after trying literally everything and getting no results at all- I knew they must have been ‘bad seeds’. Unfortunately this was not true and I assume my green thumb must have gotten a little rusty over the long winter season.

This flower that has been just impossible to grow is your typical daisy. I’ve never grown these before, but I’m assuming there is no special trick to it and the directions were basic as they are with the other typical flowers. I first put them in a special soil that I start all my plants out in. After seeing absolutely nothing, I decided to refer to my paper towel sprouting trick because I’ve always had luck with that method. After another week and no results, I threw out the seeds and got a new packet by a different company. Same methods and same results- nothing.

Have any of you ever experienced this when trying to grow a particular plant? I wish I knew how to get these little guys going, as I’ve never been in this type of situation because when it comes to gardening and I’d really like to add some daisy’s to my garden this spring.