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Danger – kids planting

"Do I think any of those visions will come true? Ummm…possibly."

While perusing our local home improvement store last week we came across the little plant starter kits. You know the ones…the cute little Veggietales ones that feature Bob the tomato on the front. Which, I’ve always kinda felt weird about since 1) I love Bob and 2) I’ll be chomping on his cousins if they grow. Anyway, back to the point. My oldest two got their choice of a kit and a single.

They looked kinda like this when we brought them home.

My son got birdhouse gourd and a baby bottle gourd while my daughter chose the basil and parsley for their kits. Visions of gourds and herbs have been dancing in their heads.


The single plants they chose were a lovely little pumpkin plant and watermelon. So this, of course, gets us thinking about watermelons on a hot summer day (if those exist here in Colorado) and carving pumpkins and such.

Do I think any of those visions will come true? Ummm…possibly. The conditions these poor little sprouts are subject to are criminal! OK, I may be exageratting, but just a tad.

My son forgets to water them. My daughter waters them too much. The baby wants to examine them; closely and upside down. All three of them just seem to forget there are plants on the table and enjoy jumping around, which in turn knocks things over and well, you get the picture…

I’ve attempted to salvage what I can and we actually have a few sprouting! I also have seeds left over that I will probably plant on the sly so the kiddos can actually watch something grow. Let’s see if any of these little suckers survive!