I Tried it, So You Don’t Have to Buy It

I Tried it, So You Don’t Have to Buy It

The Topsy Turvy Planter

Infomercials are designed to suck us in. I will admit, I fell for the Topsy Turvy Planter infomercial. It seemed like a great way to grow fresh vegetables on my small apartment balcony. They took up very little space, and were virtually mess free; Great purchase, right? Wrong, the Topsy Turvy may seem like a great space saving way to grow fresh veggies, but looks can be deceiving. Learn from my mistake and do not fall for this trick.

I was so excited when I first received my Topsy Turvy. I couldn’t wait to get it out of the package and plant my tomatoes. I hung a hook on my balcony, filled the planter with soil, and carefully placed my little tomato plant in it. After all, the website and commercial call it “the easiest way to garden.” The first week seemed to be going okay. My little plant was slowly growing and the planter was holding up well. I could already taste the lovely tomatoes that it would soon be producing.

After about a week, though, I noticed that something was wrong. I should have thought about it sooner. The plant naturally grows towards the sun, but when it is hanging upside down the sun is above it. My plant had begun to grow in a U shape, trying its hardest to reach the sunlight. I figured, Okay, so it’s not going to be the prettiest tomato plant ever, but if it still produces I’ll be happy.

It never did produce one single tomato. It continued to grow upwards, and was growing bigger at the same time. As soon as any tomatoes started to form, the plant was too heavy to support itself and snapped in half. There I found my little plant, dead, laying on the balcony floor. Poor little plant.

If anyone has had success or failure using this product I would love to read about it. Leave me comments below letting me know how your experience with Topsy Turvy ended up.