Henry's For Women

Henry's For Women

          Ladies, say goodbye to Midol including other pills to relieve menstruation cramps. There is a new woman’s dietary supplement tablets that will work magical wonders on your most painful cramps. I was referred to Henry’s organic For Women dietary supplement by shop owner Kuang, where I get my kangen water and cleanser from. Kuang told me that his wife and daughter take this popular supplement. Since I was near to my monthly period date, I decided to try this product out. Kuang informed me that this dietary supplement for women relieves and reduces the pain of discomfort associated with menstruation. It also reduces symptoms of climacterium, a bodily change transition from middle life to old age in a woman’s life. This dietary supplement also provides healthy nutrients as well. It is taken daily with two tablets a day consumed with water or juice.

            Ingredients include:

            - Buchu

            - Uva Ursi

            - Parsley herb

            - Raspberry leaves

            - Valerian root extract

            - Chasteberry

            - Ginger root

            - Dong guai root

            - White willow bark

            - Refined calcium (carbonate)

            - Iron

            - Potassium

            - Kava kava root concentrate

            - Primorse oil

            - Organic vitamin E

            - Vitamin B6

            - Vitamin B12

            This is a natural dietary women’s supplement best taken during stressful periods when the body does not receive enough nutrients, or loses nourishment in the body. This organic dietary supplement has no added sugar, salt, yeast, artificial coloring, flavors, or preservatives. Also, this healthy dietary supplement is to be taken everyday to repair the women’s body back to its strong health. I personally recommend this product to women everywhere. Not only does it relieves and reduces menstruation cramps, bloating, and pain, but provides healthy nutrients for your body as well. I use to take Midol or Advil to relieve painful cramps during my time of the month. Since those formulas do not work very well for my body, I discontinued them. They did not work effectively well for my body and it was a waste of money each month to purchase menstrual pills that were unsuccessful. I use Henry’s organic for women everyday taking 2 tablets a day to achieve the best results for my body. Not only did it give my body very less menstrual cramps, it made me feel stronger too pain-free. This is an amazing product and I recommend it to women who experience sudden menstrual cramps each month. Not only can this dietary supplement be used for menstruation, but during stressful periods as well. The results are amazing.