Henry’s Organic Internal Cleanser

Henry’s Organic Internal Cleanser

           No, this is not a facial cleanser. This Henry’s organic internal cleanser is designed for the human body to help cleanse, eliminate toxic substances, strengthening the immune system, and balancing our endocrine functions in the body. I have first found out about this drinking cleanser from an old friend of mine who had been taking this food supplement drink for years. My friend claimed that this cleanser works amazingly well. Since I am very open and curious about certain new things, I was open to the idea of trying this cleanser out. I went to the Greenline Organic Health, Inc. store to purchase some kangen water.

          When I went inside the store to have my water jugs filled up, I asked the store shop owner, Kuang, about the Henry’s organic internal cleanser and the many benefits of it. Kuang briefly discussed the cleanser with me and said that he and his wife including their children take this cleanser every single day. He says the cleanser has benefited him in so many positive ways such as feeling energized, stronger, and healthy too. During our conversation, Kuang made me a cleanser drink. He told me while drinking the cleanser, it should be fast with no sipping at all because the cleanser can get difficult to consume. The powdered cleanser was mixed with organic apple juice that he mixed for me. Boy it tasted delicious! I loved it! After finishing up my cleanser, Kuang gave me a glass of kangen water to drink. Kuang specified that you must have a glass of water after each cleanser drink taken to relieve stomach irritations. The Henry’s organic internal cleanser is supposed to be drank everyday 2 times a day in the morning and evening. You can mix the cleanser with at least a 12-ounce glass of juice or milk. Finish it after with water about the same size drink.

Benefits of taking Henry’s organic internal cleanser:


-         Rich in vitamins, herbs, minerals, and fibers.

-         Detoxification

-         Rejuvenation

-         Regulating the body’s pH balance.

-         Strong enhancement of the immune system.

-         Prevention and relief of constipation.

-         Relief of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

-         Relief of intestinal obstruction, diverticular disease, and colitis.

-         Prevents skin rashes, irritations, acne, dermatitis eczema, and psoriasis.


Ingredients include:


            - Blond grain husks

            - Soy protein lecithin

            - Hydrolyzed soy protein

            - Sunflower oil

            - Yeast

            - Parsley

            - Swiss chard

            - Kale

            - Spinach

            - Watercress

            - Celery

            - Carrot spices

            - Herbs

            - Kelp and dulse.

            - Papaya enzymes

            - Oat bran

            - Ginger

            - Garlic

            - Orange concentrate

             I have been taking Henry’s organic internal cleanser for a few months now. The results are phenomenal. This amazing extraordinary cleanser has given my body a boost of energy, cleared up my skin, and strengthening my body as well. This cleanser drink reminds me of a juice smoothie. It’s a very light, healthy drink with great nutrients and ingredients all in one cleanser drink. I definitely recommend this cleanser to anybody who wants full nutrients with healthy benefits all in one food supplement drink. This cleanser will change your life. Drink to your health!